Operation Olympus: Police arrest 11 from Salford in wanted crackdown

Greater Manchester Police have announced they have arrested 11 people in Salford in a crackdown on wanted offenders.

10 men and one woman – the youngest of whom is 19 and the oldest 57, were brought in by police on a range of charges including domestic violence, breaching restraining orders, ABH and common assault.

Those arrested are expected to be named in the coming days when charges have been arranged.

Tactical Aid Units and police dogs backed up local officers in 24 hours of home raids throughout the city on Tuesday 23 September.

Chief Inspector Chris Hill said: “The only target we set ourselves for the day was to make the communities of Greater Manchester safer and I think we have achieved that with a great return of 88 wanted people arrested in 24 hours.

“It was brilliant effort from everyone involved and, although the day of action has finished, we will continue to pursue those wanted by police, day and night.

“I hope the results here will send a clear message that it doesn’t matter what you are wanted for or where you are hiding, we are coming for you.”

This article was posted to Salford Online.


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