Watch: New Salford war memorial unveiled at Greengate Square for Armistice Day

A new granite war memorial commemorating 156 Salfordians who lost their lives in the First World War was unveiled at 11am today to co-incide with Armistice Day.

Displayed to dozens of attendees, the pillar was installed on a paved area at the junction of Queen St and Blackfriars Road in Greengate, Salford.

The memorial, naming 156 Salford natives who lost their lives in battle, was generously funded by Ordsall-born Betfred owner Fred Done who handed over a £13,000 cheque for the monument to be made.

Support was also given by Pendleton engineering firm GPL, who supplied apprentices to help dig the foundations, while the work was completed by stonemasons at Co-operative Funeralcare.

Attendees spanned both young and old, including children from local schools and military veterans, while the service was led by Reverend Andy Salmon of Salford Trinity Church.


Steve Fitt, Area Standard Bearer for the Lancashire Fusiliers Association, said: “I think the monument is fantastic.

“It’s important that people do remember, not only from the First and Second World Wars, but also for military campaigns that are running through to this day.

LLOGS Hayley Hilton, of the HMS Eaglet in Liverpool said: “It’s a great commemoration for all of the local guys, across the First World War and the Second. It’s a great acknowledgement to those who lost their lives.

“One thing you notice on the memorial is how many of the soldiers have the same name.

“You see the same family names all across the monument and it puts into perspective about how many families were wiped out because of these wars.”

Councillor Stephen Coen, who represents Irwell Riverside, and said: “I think the memorial is spectacular.

“It’s an achievement to reinstate something of this scale so many years after we lost the original. I think it’s a great example what teamwork can do.

“Local businesses and workmen can come together to create this monument, and it’s really a great community project.”

In 1919 an original memorial was installed to those who lost their lives in World War One, however it was taken down in the late 1960s to make way for new roads.

After being ignored for another 50 years, the council made the decision to dispose of the monument as the economic costs were too great.

Now, however, a two tonne-plus solid granite block was imported from China, with Co-op stonemasons inscribing the names onto the memorial earlier this month.

Rev Salmon said: “I think it’s a tremendous reflection for the local community of the history of this city.

“The names on this memorial were the local people at the time, but as more people move into Salford this memorial will let onlookers remember the sense of community and history that we have.

“I like the idea that when new apartments go up that people will be able to see this, to see that it has been a community for a long time and has a history.”

This article was written for Salford Online.


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