Curriculum Vitae


Address: 41 Great Cheetham St. West, Salford, Lancashire, M7 2JB

TEL: 07979222521



I am a third-year student studying journalism at the University of Salford was a junior reporter at Salford Online during late 2015. I am fascinated by the reporting of current events, use of social media, and writing of feature articles.

Educational Qualifications

  • 2014- Present:
    • The University of Salford:
      • BA (Hons) Journalism: News
      • Achieved 1st class degree grade in my second year of university (75%)
      • Achieved my NCTJ Media Law, Reporting, and Court Reporting, Reporting of Government, and Sport Reporting qualifications
    • 2012-2014:
      • Ormskirk Sixth Form:
        • 3 A Levels: Geography (B), History (B), Philosophy and Ethics (B)
      • 2007-2012:
        • Ormskirk High School:
          • 11 GCSE’s (A-C on all)

Experience in the industry

Salford Online (September 2015- November 2015):

I began my period of work experience with Salford Online as a junior reporter. I worked in the newsroom sourcing, following up, and writing stories, ranging from regular traffic incidents to charity projects around the city. When my work experience placement concluded in mid-November, I had written around 30 stories for Salford Online, all of which were published on their website.

BBC Sport Olympics Coverage (August 2016):

I had the opportunity to work as part of BBC Sport’s online team in their coverage of the Rio Olympics. My role was with the chapter point department, which included the watching, annotating, and editing the live sporting events on the BBC Sport website, to ensure that users would be able to find highlights and individual matches via playback on the BBC website.

Mercury Press & Media (August 22- August 26):

For one week I worked with the Manchester branch of Mercury Press, an agency that sources viral online content and supplies these stories to the national press. During my time there I gained knowledge on how viral content is sourced and the writing style used in newspaper and online formats of the press.

Journalism Practice Placements (November 14- November 25):

During my ‘journalism practice’ module, I experienced a week at ITV Granada and the Liverpool ECHO. I learnt a range of lessons during this placement, including developing my skills as a broadcast journalist with ITV and honing my print and online writing for the ECHO. Examples of work produced are available on my portfolio.


  • Ability to meet deadlines:
    • During the week of 26th December 2015- January 2nd 2016 my content was the only information about the floods on Salford Online during a major news story that impacted the entire city.
  • Technological:
    • WordPress, GIMP image modification software, Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, limited use of Adobe InDesign.


I am a passionate follower of American Football, Football and International Rugby. I also train at my local gym five times per week.


Tom Rodgers (Editor):                                       Kate Thomas:

Salford Online Offices                                          3rd Floor

Bright Road                                                           BBC Quays House

Eccles                                                                                 Salford

M30 0WG                                                               M50 2QH

TEL: +44 7966 921195                                    E-mail:


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