WATCH: Runners tackle giant inflatable obstacle course at Manchester’s Heaton Park

FUNDRAISERS showed their ‘Gung-ho‘ spirit by taking part in a five-kilometre giant inflatable obstacle course at Manchester’s Heaton Park.

Braving difficult weather conditions, 5000 contestants completed the course to raise money for charities, including Manchester Children’s Hospital and the Christie Charity.

Up to another 10,000 spectators attended the course that held 10 giant inflatable obstacles, including the world’s largest ‘bouncy’ inflatable: nicknamed ‘The Moon’.

The event marked the first of 12 cities visited by Gung-Ho! this year, which will be touring places such as Southampton, Newcastle, and Liverpool throughout the summer.

The fundraiser also secured the BBC’s Children in Need as their national charity partner, making Gung-Ho! the first ever mud run and obstacle course to partner with the esteemed charity organisation.

Figurehead of Gung-Ho! and CBeebies presenter Alex Winters created the adventure company and toured around three cities in the UK last year – a figure he will quadruple in 2016.

Mr Winters said: “When we had our three events last year, we saw the response and thought they worked well enough to do more.

“We were open to creating more events and it quickly developed into Nottingham being the 12th city. We’re still learning, but we thought ‘lets just get out there, let’s do it”.

Mr Winters added that he was delighted to see so the number many families were taking part and how many were enjoying it.

“That was absolutely perfect for me. If you look around you can see all ages taking part, and it’s great to have so many families getting involved and having fun.”

When asked about the future of the fundraising event, Mr Winters joked: “Ask me in October when we’re finished for this year!

“How many events can we do? I don’t know.

“We’ve got new ideas for themed events and different obstacles- I won’t say too much but we’ve got big plans.”

This article was written for Quays News.


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