Sausages EVERYWHERE! Road covered in meat after delivery man forgets to close van doors

A ROAD was left strewn with £5,500-worth of sausages when a manufacturer’s “accident” prone member of staff forgot to close his van doors properly.

The sausages, produced by independent manufacturers Heck, were due to be delivered as samples to Radio 2 DJ Chris Evans’ ‘Carfest South’, a Children in Need charity festival.

But in the rush of getting the sausages down to the Hampshire festival, driver Jack Watson forgot to close the van’s side doors – scattering thousands of sausages across the road and into the hedges nearby.

During hilarious footage filmed by a colleague, poor Mr Watson can be hear complaining “I’ve only been working here four months” as he begins picking up the sausages.Jack, 21, from Harrogate, Yorkshire, said: “It was just one of those basic things that you forget about when you’re rushing to get somewhere. I didn’t have my morning coffee, that’s what it must have been.”When I first got out of the van and saw what happened I thought ‘bloody hell’ and started to clean it all up, until I realised that it was a bigger task than first thought.

When I first got out of the van and saw what happened I thought ‘bloody hell’ and started to clean it all up

Jack Watson

When I called the team in the office they started laughing straight away, and they all came out to help clean it up – so I was very worried but it turned out alright.”Andrew Keeble, founder of Heck, explained that they have around 70 people working at the company and around 75 per cent were under the age of 25.sausages-2Mr Keeble said: “Jack is one of our new members of the team and is a little bit accident prone.”

“He’s often one of those guys who keeps forgetting his things. He was rushing to get all of his stock ready, and he just set off without realising that the van doors were open.

“He didn’t think, turned the corner and put his foot down and everything literally fell out of the side of the van.

“It couldn’t have happened on a worse day because Thursdays are our busiest days of the week.
“So he had to get down to the show with basically nothing in the van and set up our stall, because we wouldn’t be able to produce the lost stock in time today.
“We have a lot of youth in our company, and our Jack is just like one of those young lads who doesn’t have his head screwed on quite right most mornings. But we do take it lightly, we all make mistakes.”
 Heck have been a family-run business by the Keebles, operating since January 2013, but have been making sausages for much longer.
This article was written for Mercury Press & Media and published to the Daily Express.

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