CREATURE IN THE DEEP: Does this eerie image show an ALIEN peering through the water?

Steven Cook is an avid amateur wildlife photographer and was attempting to use a feather floating on the surface of a pond as ‘target practice’ for his camera.However upon returning home, the 50-year-old full-time carer got the fright of his life when he discovered an eerie face that looked like it was out of X-Files in one of the shots.Mr Cook, from Leyland, Lancashire, said: “I only noticed it when I got back and put the photos on the big screen- when I saw the two eyes staring back at me it frightened the life out of me!

“I don’t wipe off any photos until I get back and have a look at them thoroughly, I thought, Christ, what have I seen here?

“You can clearly see the two bits on the water that form the eyes, and that makes it look like a formed face and head for me.”


Mr Cook has been photographing wildlife for 30 years and has visited Yarrow Park, Chorley, every day for the past two years to document the wildlife in his local greenspace.

However this time he got more than he bargained for.

Steven said: “”There was a few feathers floating along the pond basically, so I thought I’d use them as target practice and I’ll get the light levels on the camera right just in case.

“I’m faffing about with feathers and god knows what, but it was more when I got home that I noticed it really – I saw something on the screen on the back of the camera but I thought it was just weed or something like that.”Two dots stuck out to me which was really piercing, making it look like a face. It frightened the life out of me when I put it on the big screen.”But on the next shot you can see that it’s dissipated, so it must have been there for a split second on the reflection on water. If you saw that and tried to get it, you probably wouldn’t get it. It was a complete fluke.

“Everyone I’ve shown it to has sort of freaked out over it. Yarrow Park has a Facebook page, I put it on there and there’s loads of comments of residents spooked out over it.”

Residents warned Mr Cook “don’t go in the water!”, calling the picture “spooky” and deeming the figure a “creature in the deep”.


This article was written for Mercury Press & Media and published on the Daily Express.


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