“Get on the floor or I’ll shoot you” WATCH the moment as armed thug carries out raid on Bredbury off license

GREATER Manchester Police have released a video of one of several armed robberies carried out by two Manchester men who have been jailed for 10 years.

The CCTV footage depicts Michael Harkins, 37, of Marple Court in Stockport, entering Bargain Booze on Bents Lane, Bredbury, in July last year.

Harkins is seen pointing a silver handgun at the cashier, shouting: “get on the floor or I’ll shoot you”.

With the cashier cowering on the shop floor and screaming in terror, Harkins stole £1800, and the cashier’s handbag containing £105 before leaving.



Ashley Peter Wright, 34, of Haymans Walk, then joined Harkins and the pair committed two more robberies on the same day on Sunday 19 July.

The two men carried out armed robberies at four stores during an eight-day crime spree last year. GMP said the two men subjected victims to “significant emotional and physical harm” including tying victims up and assaulting one shopkeeper.

During almost all of their robberies, Harkins would enter first to pose as a customer and note how many people were present. Moments later the two thugs would return brandishing items including a handgun and a meat cleaver.

Harkins and Wright were arrested after a police chase in New Mills on July 21 last year, and were both sentenced to 10 years in prison

Detective Inspector Gina Brennand, from GMP’s public protection department, said: “Harkin and Wright were ruthless, robbing four shops in eight days and subjecting five victims to terrifying ordeals in the process.

“They caused significant emotional and physical harm, all for the sake of a few hundred pounds, and are fully deserving of the jail sentence they received today.”

This article was written for Quays News.


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